Download YouTube videos with protube by @JonasGessner

If you’re a veteran jailbreaker your probably already familiar with Protube, if you haven’t Jailbroken before you may have also come across Protube in the App Store.

The two differ mainly on the ability to download videos or audio in the Cydia version.

Some of you may have already paid the £2.29 in the App Store and don’t fancy paying extra for the Cydia version which is understandable. The creator JonasGessner also understands this and so has created a free tweak called download enabler for Protube.

To enable this feature once your Jailbroken simply use this link to get direct access to the tweak.

I’ve been a long term used of the Cydia version of Protube and if you have never tried it out you can purchase it from this link you won’t be disappointed.