DriveSavers is selling passcode-beating iPhone cracking service to the public

Apple has been battling the government on cracking passcodes for the iPhone for some time now and have even included an update ion iOS 12 which stoped a tool called Grayshift which charges a minimum of $15,000 to law enforcement agencies to crack the password.

However the battle is far from over as DriveSavers who say they have over 30 years of experience has released a new technology that claims a “100 percent success rate” with iPhones, regardless of passcode length. DriveSavers doesn’t say what exact means it’s using, or offer an upfront price. The company touts that this service is for Eligible Customers—Owner only.

This Passcode Lockout Data Recovery service may not be used by any law enforcement department or agency. This service is only available to the actual owner of the data on the locked smartphone, or to an owner’s next of kin in the event that the owner has passed away. How do we verify the owner of a device? We understand that there may be no perfect solution to this issue. However, we attempt to validate the legal right to access the data during all phases of the recovery process. This starts with the information gathered during the intake process. We also have a legal authorization form requiring specific information identifying the right to the data. Our recovery engineers will note discrepancies between the intake information and the data on the device and notify the appropriate manager. Our Customer Service Department will follow up on any discrepancies and address these with the customer before we provide any data.

With this service being available it is undoubtedly only a matter of time before we start seeing reports of law enforcement agencies using this service in one way or another.