Droplet a Water & Drink tracker for your iPhone and Apple Watch

Drinking water is vital in our lives for many reason, but sometimes we underestimate the importance of being hydrated and don’t drink enough water.

Droplet wil assist and track your hydration trough the day, you will never forget to drink a glass of water again. The user interface is easy and clear , no complexity, with a view swipes you get all the information you need.

Droplet features for FREE:

– Smart advices to help your hydration through the day

-Your daily goal calculator

-Units(ml & oz)

– The drinks you need the most through your day

-Graphic display of your monthly progress, your daily consumption per hour , but also a useful distribution graph.

-A useful widget to check your progress easy out

-History of logged water

-Manual Reminders to notify you when its time to drink

– Apple Watch support

– Daily facts about water

-Data sharing with Apple Health (caffeine & water intake)

Droplet tries not to be a regular water tracker , but your assistant for a healthier body , start today and become a hydration expert! You can install Droplet free from here.