E-Candy Bluetooth earphones sweet candy or bitter taste?

Back last year I purchased a cheap pair of Bluetooth earphones which we reviewed and got on well with them, they had a magnetic back which kept the same around your neck and also automatically paused content playing.

In a December the magnetic part kept coming away due to small glue coming apart and before I fixed this I actually lost the magnetic part so I ordered a new pair of E-Candy they were were originally listed on Amazon for £59.99 and are currently reduced to £13.99 but I got them in the sales for £10.39.

The earphones arrived yesterday and came with the usual different size earpieces and a charging cable and these also have a magnetic backing as well. The sound quality is fairly decent and don’t take too long to charge. The magnetic pieces do not pause the music however the do sit comfortably around the neck. Overall I like the earphones however I’m not expecting them to last longer than a few months.