Earplug For iOS Goes Free

Earplug is a minimalist relaxation app that can hide some of the most common noises that prevent a good nights sleep. When you can’t sleep, reach for Earplug. It only does one thing… perfectly.

Sleep, meditate and concentrate soundly with a buttery–smooth “masking” track that can help to hide: • Snoring • Sirens • Wild animals • Distant screams • Neighbors • Poltergeists • Sadness • Breathing

EARPLUG SOUND Earplug Sound is our proudest creation: it’s a rarefied blend of pink and white noise looped and spun like silk; Earplug’s Sound pairs up perfectly with almost any source of environmental noise, helping to lessen its impact and free your mind.

DISTRACTION-FREE APP When you need Earplug most, you’re either half-asleep or you want to be. You don’t want to fiddle. You want the app that was created by experts in audio and user interface to guide your experience. Download Earplug for free from here.