Electra Jailbreak will no longer support cydia

The Electra jailbreak team have confirmed that their jailbreak will no longer support cydia. In a series of tweets both coolstar and Pwn20wnd said cydia is no longer being supported and their alternative sileo will replace it.

Pwn20wnd tweeted “Sileo will support all of the old packages and repos as the backend will mostly be the same!”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Saurik has previously mentioned how he wouldn’t acknowledge some of the most recent jailbreaking tools. Sileo has already been created and just requires the Electra team to release it. You can view a video showing silo here.

This isn’t the first time we have seen users try to replace Cydia and it’s a move that is certain to cause a divide in the Jailbreak community, let us know your thoughts on today’s events.