Enjoy tracking your steps with StepsApp

Studies show that on average you should walk 10,000 steps a day however Apple has taken a different approach with the Apple Watch giving users three rings to close everyday to help keep you active and make archiving your goals addictive.

Thankfully you can still track your steps on the Apple Watch however, displaying those steps is not easy and requires a third party app. People who switch from Fitbit to Apple Watch are often looking to see their steps and we decided to try a for apps out. One of the best apps I’ve come across is StepsApp, this app lets you set goals for yourself, kcal burn, km walked, exercise minutes and floors walked.

I set myself a goal this January of 7,000 steps with a minimum of 30 minutes exercise, and this app is great at keeping track and notifying you when you hit those goals. This app is free on your iPhone and if you keep your phone on you then your all set, however, if you want to track it and keep your steps as a complication then they have you covered as well for just £2.99.

After setting this as my complication I was able to walk about and know at a glance without having to open up the activity app. This app updates periodically but can be forced to update with a simple tap if you want it faster. You can start a workout from within the app itself that displays your steps as your working out.

StepsApp includes:

• Automatic step counting

• Stunning charts and animations

• Apple Health integration

• Apple Watch support

• Active calories

• Workouts with GPS Tracking

• Powerful month and year view

• Trends

• Six beautiful colors Also change the App Icon

• iMessage app

• Today widget

• More Daily goals & Notifications

• Social media sharing

• Wheelchair support

This app has Beautiful weekly, monthly, and yearly charts and allows you to see your progress directly in the today widget.

I’ve really enjoyed being able to track my steps right on my watch face this past week and I have found that I am pushing myself more when I can see how many steps I have left.

StepsApp allows:

• Display your current step count or wheelchair pushes on the app icon.

• Notifications when you have reached your daily activity goal.

• Set and reach your goal step by step.

With the Apple Watch app you can:

• Synchronize and import your activity data via Apple Health.

• If you track your steps with your phone without your watch StepsApp will merge your steps automatically.

• Securely store your actively burned calories in Apple Health.

StepsApp also has VoiceOver so is accessible by everyone, wheelchair users can track wheelchair pushes with your Apple Watch. Steps app has kindly donated several codes for us to giveaway to our readers, to enter simply comment the link social media profile below and share this article. Winners will be picked at random.

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