Enjoy Twitter On Your Apple Watch with Jay

Using Twitter on your Apple Watch is something I like to do when I have a spare five minutes to kill. With the Apple Watch series 4 being bigger I enjoy the experience much more than when I did on my series 3. Now we have all seen stories of big companies dropping support for the Apple Watch however, we are seeing more smaller developers picking up the pace with their own versions.

Now we have covered other twitter apps for the watch before but late last night I couldn’t sleep so I did what another geek would do I played around on my phone and came across an app called Jay, this app is by the developer neriusv. Jay is free and once installed you simply sign in on the iPhone app and then you are good to go, there is something satisfying about this app, it fills my series 4 fantastically, scrolling the app is smooth and a force press on the screen gives two options, the first option I love the most it is the ability to go to the latest tweet so no matter how far you have scrolled down you can go straight to the top.

The second option is the option to tweet, if you choose this you can either use the voice function, the scribble function or simply the emoji option, once you have chosen your method and typed what you want simply hit the tweet button and away you go. You can go back by pressing the preview button if you want to cancel your message. You can install Jay free from here, why not check it out and let us know what you think.