Exif viewer app can help protect you

These days protecting yourself online is just as vital as protecting yourself in the outside world, with a few simple steps it’s easy to find roughly where you live and where you visit regularly, if you post photos on your social media then narrowing down when you live is even easier.

Each photo you take on your smart device carries metadata which enables you to know where you were when you took a photograph and even the device used.

Piecing the information together and you can soon track a users habit and soon you can become a victim of many crimes both physically and digitally.

The video above shows the type of metadata available and how by using a simple app you can effectively remove the data and help keep your information safe. This app costs just and considering the ease of use and effectiveness it’s a steal, we highly recommend this app and whats even better is the developers have kindly given us 40 free copies to giveaway to our followers, to enter for a chance to win a free copy simply follow both the developers and ourselves and share the YouTube video and leave a comment on this post on our website “Geekscorners giveaway’s”.

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