Exodus Botnet discovered 

It appears that the creator of Exodus has now included code in their build that targets the rmkodi shop urls and the github address for an add-on zip downloader. For those unsure a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) simply sends repeated connection requests to a target (in this case the rmkodi shop) and with a mass surge of traffic attempting to connect to the target then the site (rmkodi shop) will eventually slow to a grinding halt if there is enough traffic sent to them.

Given the fact that Exodus is extremely popular among users their device is effectively being used to target rmkodi shop, this will undoubtedly cause controversy amongst the Kodi community but the options users have is either delete the Exodus add-on and be one less botnet or continue to use Exodus and accept the fact that your device is being used in a targeted attack.

There is a potential that the code used by Exodus will be copied and used by others and we may see a war erupt within the community.