Experian Hacked again this time exposing t-mobile customers 

Experian is no stranger to data breaches in a previous incident, it allowed a hacker to steal untold millions of identities from its database through another company.

In a new attack by hackers in september they were able to access a computer server full of that information of T-Mobile customer names, addresses, Social Security numbers, birthdays, and even sensitive identification numbers (like a driver’s license, military ID or passport number.)

Experian gathers vast amounts of incredibly personal information on all Americans, has made clear that hackers didn’t access its other computers that house that data.

“This was an isolated incident of one server and one clients’ data,” Experian said in a public fact sheet.

In a bizzare and uneasy solution experian is offering to provide T-Mobile applicants two years of free credit monitoring and identity protection as compensation which would require you to fork over more information to the company and confirm its accuracy.