Extending your Wifi range on a budget 

So a few days ago I wrote about my new wifi range extender, I wrote the article on the aspect that I had only had the device setup about a day and so I couldn’t confirm the reliability.

It’s been a week or so now and I wanted to look at the device a bit more because for some time I had been researching lots of options including the Eero which costs $499 for a 3 device package or $349 for the 2 device starter pack.

The device I bought was a belkin plug for £20 for one plug which was extremely easy to setup and whilst it’s like comparing apple’s to oranges in terms of constant security updates, for those on a budget who just want a system that works then hands down £60 for the 3 devices is better than $499.

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I currently have my extender in my extension placed in a cupboard which was previously a dead spot due to the fact of how thick the previous exterior wall is. The extender is placed literally on the edge Of the original wifi range for it to work to the fullest capacity and the range works perfectly for the extension. There had been no dropouts and has currently been 100% reliable.