Face it – the perfect companion for New Year’s Eve

The iPhone camera is an amazing tool and captures some of the best pictures around, the rear camera is the better of the two and taking a group photo looks better using the rear camera but there is always one person missing from the photo unless your trusting s stranger to hold your $999 phone.

Face it fixes this problem by allowing you to take a picture using the rear camera and gives a little buzz so you know the image has been captured.

Key features of Face it

– automatic face detection – just Face It!

– for the best possible quality adjusts the focus, exposure and white-balance automatically.

– no more blurry selfies: takes the photo only when you hold the device steady.

– take up to three photos in a row and pick the ones you like best.

– all your selfies are saved into the “Face It” album inside the Photos gallery.

– Smart Edit: automatically adjust the colors, crop, rotate, add a vignette effect, and make your face stand-out.

Priced at a reasonable £2.99 you can enjoy some great pictures with friends, family and loved ones. Face it comes from the developer of apps such as Jay, You can get Face it from here.