Facebook finally allows users to bulk delete posts

If you have ever wished for an easier way to delete your old Facebook posts then your in luck.

For sometime users have wanted to be able to remove old posts to help reflect who they are today not their past and finally Facebook has added a new feature to enable this.

The “manage activity” feature, available now on Facebook’s mobile apps, lets users search for and remove posts from a particular time, mentioning a particular person, or within a range of dates.

In a statement Facebook said: “We know that people’s posts from years ago may not represent who they are now – eg old Facebook statuses from university. This tool lets you move posts you want to hide from others but keep for yourself to an archive and remove posts that you simply want to delete.”

To access this feature go to:

Settings & Privacy


Activity Log

Manage Activity

From there you can choose a date range, categories and people.