Facebook Fined $1.1million by Italy Watchdog

Last year it was disclosed that roughly 87 million Facebook users had their data siphoned by the political data company, Cambridge Analytica and the UK issued Facebook with a £500k penalty.

Italy’s data protection watchdog has now issued Facebook with a €1 million (~$1.1M) fine for violations of local privacy law attached to the Cambridge Analytica data misuse scandal.

The fines are low as the offences occurred before the introduction of GDPR. The Italian regulator says 57 Italian Facebook users downloaded Dr Aleksandr Kogan’s Thisisyourdigitallife quiz app, which was used to scoop up Facebook user data and also the data of a further 214,077 Italian users who did not download the app also had their personal information processed without their consent.

Late last year the Italian regulator fined Facebook €10M for misleading users over its sign in practices.