Facebook User Who Uploaded Pirated Copy Of Deadpool Sentenced to 3 Weeks Prison

A 22-year-old California man Trevon Franklin uploaded a pirated copy of the movie Deadpool to Facebook in early 2016 has been sentenced to three weeks prison. The film was viewed 6,386,456 times after it was shared to the social media network, shortly after it premiered at the box-office.

An FBI investigation ensued and last year and Franklin pleaded guilty to uploading the video after originally downloading it from the file-sharing site Putlocker.is and then proceeded to upload it to his Facebook account, using the screen name “Tre-Von M. King.”

Understandable the post went viral and caught the attention of Twentieth Century Fox which lead to the FBI launching a full investigation. Franklin was an easy catch thanks to Facebook’s credentials being available and Franklin was indicted with a limited defence, he signed a plea agreement a few months later, admitting that he indeed uploaded the pirated film.

Yesterday, a California federal court sentenced Franklin to a prison sentence of three weeks which is significantly lower than the high-end sentence of six months’ prison recommended by the Government last month. The Court was receptive to the defence counsel’s argument that Franklin has no prior criminal record and regrets the mistakes that were made despite the authorities arguing that a higher sentence was warranted given the “brazen and public” manner in which Franklin broke the law and how he “appeared not to care” how this would affect the makers of the movie and that a six-month prison sentence would send a strong message to Facebook users and the public at large, to show that there are real consequences for such a crime.