Fantastical 2 40% off for a limited time

Fantastical 2 is an award-winning calendar app and supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac. Fantastical 2 is easy to use just enter “Lunch with Elon in Palo Alto on Friday” and Fantastical 2 will schedule it! Or type in “todo buy milk at 5pm” and a reminder will alert you at 5PM! If your device supports dictation, you can speak the details for your event or reminder and Fantastical 2 will handle the rest.

For a limited time Fantastical 2 is 40% off as part of back to school offer costing £2.99 for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and £38.99 for Mac.


• Reminders!

   – See your events and dated reminders together in the main list

   – Add reminders directly from the Reminders list or new event screen – just flip the switch to toggle between events and reminders

   – Set dates, times, and geofences (when I arrive/when I leave)

• Significant new parser features, including:

   – Create reminders by starting your sentence with “reminder”, “todo”, “task”, or “remind me to”

   – Expanded, expressive repeating events such as third Thursday of every month, every weekend, last weekday of the month, and more

   – Create alerts with phrases such as “remind me tomorrow at 3PM”, “alert 1 hour before”, or “alarm 3PM”

• All-new event details, including a map to show your event’s locations and better repeating event options

• An elegant week view when you rotate your iPhone to landscape

• Background app updating allows events, reminders, and alerts to be pushed to Fantastical 2 even if you don’t launch the app very often

• An extended keyboard when creating new events or reminders, providing instant access to numbers and symbols for dates and times (only for 4″ screens or larger)

• Birthday options – tap on a birthday to see contact information or send a quick greeting

• TextExpander support

• Many other refinements and improvements