Fast Wireless Charging for iPhones to become a reality

Apple’s new iPhones have finally been given wireless charging. However,  it is currently limited to a slow charging speed. Thankfully this limitation is only in software and not hardware and so a simple software update will enable support for a faster 7.5W wireless charging.

According to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop the new iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone X have a software update slated for release later this year will bring fifty percent faster wireless charging. New iPhones also support a fast charge feature via the USB-C Power Delivery specification but users will need to purchase a USB-C Power wall brick and a Lightning to USB-C cable to enjoy faster charging over the wire because Apple has bizarrely decided to ship the new handsets with the same tired old 5W power brick and USB-A lightening cable like prior iPhones.

Apple charge £49.00 for their 29W USB-C Power Adapter, thankfully users can purchase Amavasion’s 61W USB C Power Adapter Charger with USB-C

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