Filmphotography goes free

Welcome to Filmphotography If you fancy shooting on film instead of using digital devices then you may find this encyclopaedia of film photography principles handy. This app is entirely dedicated to film, film cameras, and the principles of photographic mastery. Filmphotography has gone free for a limited time, download it here.

You will learn about:

Cameras: – Instants – Point-and-shoots – Lomography – Rangefinders – SLRs – Medium format SLRs – Medium format TLRs

Film: – Black and white – Color – Infrared – Slide – Lomography

Principles: – Aperture – Shutter speed – ISO – Using a photo-resistor light meter

Full speed ahead toward the unreachable heights of film mastery, and remember the road to miles of film starts with the first picture you take.