First screener leak

In December 2015 we saw an array of screeners leaked online including the hateful eight, screeners are movies which are sent to a select few people to watch and review ahead of a public release.

The copy carries a Paramount Pictures “For Your Consideration” watermar and was released onto peer-to-peer networks (P2P) first which is it the usual method. In an interview with the legendary TorrentFreak the group says they would rather not brag about their achievements however, they have confirmed more leaks are on the way.

Currently in the UK piracy carries a maximum 10 year prison sentence and anti-piracy groups are trying their best to frighten others by spreading false information that pirates cannot remain anonymous. These groups are fighting a never ending battle with the latest loss being that of Netflix, the company recently introduced the ability to download content for paid subscribers however a tool has been released which allows users to download videos instantly onto a windows computer with a “Free Netflix downloader tool.” Original source TorrentFreak