Fixing a snapped headphone jack with a Gripstick

I’ve had an iPad 3 since it first came out, I bought it for my wife’s birthday and it’s been well used by our two children, my 3 year old loves it and watches her kids program and plays her games that teaches her things, however listening to their things hurts my head after awhile and so we invested in some headphones whilst we were away which have been fantastic.

This iPad although old it works flawlessly even with Bluetooth headphones so I searched for a part that iFixit sells after it was custom made for iPads. This tool costs £35 with delivery and arrived within a week and although it’s small and a little bit on the pricey side it’s still cheaper than Apple’s solution.

Now some videos online praise this tool whilst others say it didn’t work but after three attempts the remaining headphone jack came out and all problems were fixed. Now for anyone who has experienced the same problems I highly recommend this part which can be purchased from here and if it doesn’t work first time to not give up.