Flame by @cydro

If you are a user of Cydia then your probably used to getting a spinnig wheel for sometime due to a repo being down, this happens as cydia has a defualt timer to try and access a repo before moving on to the next one which is great but can sometimes feel like an eternity.


Thankfully now cyida allows users to customise it a tweak which has been out for a while called flame can help out with this problem by allowing users to set the Timeout which can Shorten Cydia’s refresh time, now I’ve been using flame since Feburary and I’ve set the timeout to 5 seconds which has made my whole cydia experience more productive.

Flame doesn’t stop there it also includes Batch Add, which allows users to add multiple sources at once by having them in your clipboard which is a real time saver especially if jailbreaking from scratch. Another handy feature is the ability to tap and hold a source to copy its URL so you can share repo’s more easily.

Flame really is a must have tweak as some of it’s other features include:-

– Export: Export a list of your installed tweaks and sources – Auto Finish: Automatically respring, reboot, or return to Cydia – Pull to Refresh: Pull down on the Sources or Changes tab to refresh – Set the default page that Cydia opens to – Share package information from package depictions – Auto-Redirect to HTTPS when adding source (if possible) – Prevent Cydia from automatically refreshing – Extensive UI/Interface Customization

Users can configure options from Settings, and whats even more amazing is that Flame is completly free on the BigBoss repo.

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