Form new habits with Cycles

Forming a new habit takes approximately sixty six days and can be a tough trend to keep at. Thankfully there are apps that can help you create a new habit, whether its drink more water, take short walks or even remember to stand every few hours.

Cycles lets you pick the habit you want to create, it then reminds you every few hours depending on your selection and you are good to go. I personally use Cycles to remind myself to drink more water and have it set to remind me three times a day, after a week I will be increasing the reminders and go from there.

Cycles works on both iPhone and Apple Watch, Cycles works with your schedule to make sure you get the best results. Cycles will push you to better yourself everyday when you are ready. There’s absolutely no learning curve to using Cycles because everything we designed is meant to be familiar to you. Just start up the app and tap away. Cycles is free from the App Store and we recommend you check it out today. The developer has confirmed that the app will remain free as he no longer plans on updating it, but as it stands it’s an amazing app.