Free your Android device of Bloatware

One major problem with Android devices is that they all come with pre-installed apps (bloatware), depending on where you purchased your device your bloatware will vary, I currently am testing on a Samsung j5 which comes with the Playstore but also Galaxy Appstore which is a pain when your trying to free up storage space.

Thankfully there is an app called Package Disabler which will allow you to disable and also delete the bloatware from your device, once installed it will prompt you to install PDP Engine app from the Playstore which you can do so from here to speed up the process.

Once installed run the PDP Engine app and give it Admin privileges then open the Package Disabler app and choose which apps your would like to disable or delete. If you choose to delete apps it is recommended you make a backup elsewhere first.

You can install both apps directly onto your device by simply clicking on them Package DisablerPDP Engine.