Genous review & #GeekscornerGenousGiveaway

For those who are looking to change up the springboard a bit with either more or less icons there are currently several options available in Cydia, however, none of those offer the ability to change the icon layout per page this is where Genous comes in.

Genous allows you to not only change the row and column count but also the icon size and icon insets.

Now if that wasn’t enough Genous goes the extra step and allows you to have a different setup for each page of your springboard and your dock.

Once you choose you setup for the specific page on your springboard wether it be 6×6 or 2×2 the settings are locked into orientation.

By allowing the settings to lock into oreration allows you to setup your device to be different in portrait than when it’s in landscape. Once you have installed Genous simply enter editing mode (wiggle mode) and double tap the current page to bring up the settings to allow you to change your setup then save your setup and enjoy.

Another great feature is there is a reset button which will reset the current page to default values so even if you totally mess up your icon arrangements you can go back to stock easily. Check out the video above to get a sneak peak of it in action.

The developer has kindly donated 50 copies for our followers to enter users must follow both the developer and ourselves and retweet this original post (do not quote tweet). The giveaway ends Saturday September 3rd10am (UK Time).