Get 4 Months Apple Music

Groupon has a new 4-month free music offer that allows you to choose either a single or family package deal. Deals like this often require you to not have held a subscription within the past year so make sure you check the details when signing up.

Like all offers, once the 4-month trial is up you will be automatically charged for each month after so we would advise all users to cancel immediately after confirming the free trial this way you will still get to enjoy the 4 months and then you won’t have any nasty surprises.

To take advantage of the offer simply click the link and follow the steps to sign up.  Currently this offer is only available for US accounts, however, the UK site shows “currently unavailable” so we hope to see it come here soon.

Don’t live in the US

If like us you are not a US citizen check out our Spotify deal we posted yesterday by clicking the link here. You can also check out our Google Play Music Deal here.