Get 6 months Music free and legal

Music companies these days make more money by selling subscription services to users and are all battling against each other to try and get as many subscribers as possible, at times these companies offer discounted periods or even free trials and so joining for a set time can save you a lot of money.

Tidal is a music company that is striving to be a success but compared to Apple Music and Spotify they are small fish in a giant pond, this has currently worked in our favour and users can get six months subscription to Tidal Music completely free of charge*.

Users simply sign up and can start enjoying the music immediately on both iOS and Android, this is a limited time offer and some users depending on their location may have to use a VPN set to UK just to get the deal. VPN’s can be downloaded free from both the App Store and Playstore. Both iOS and Android users can access this offer here.

*Remember to cancel your subscription before the offer runs out otherwise you will be charged.