Get better insights for your Apple Watch battery

When Apple introduced better insights on the battery usage on the iPhone it enabled users to not only see what apps were using the battery but during which part of the day they used the most battery.

Unfortunately Apple didn’t offer the same insights for the Apple Watch battery, this is where Battery Grapher comes to the rescue. Battery Grapher takes your Apple Watch’s historical battery levels and puts them in a graph to see and learns your habits to make smart predictions on what your future battery levels will be.

If you work out and wonder if your going to have enough battery to last the rest of the day Battery Grapher will be able to give you a prediction so you can decide whether or not to charge your watch whilst you get changed.

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The developer states that Battery Grapher was Developed specifically with energy consumption in mind, Battery Grapher has almost no impact on battery life. Battery Grapher uses historical battery levels to intelligently predict what your battery level will be throughout the rest of the day, allowing you to plan when to next charge your watch. The longer you have Battery Grapher installed, the more accurate future battery level predictions will be.

Real World Usage

I have been using this app for just over a week and the app has successfully learnt my usage routines and has been able to offer me very accurate usage predictions. I have the complication set on my screen so I can see it at a glance so I can always plan when’s the best time to charge. When chatting with the developer they confirmed that the app runs a background task only once an hour, and doesn’t require an iPhone or internet connection, which keeps battery consumption extremely low.

The app has customisable notifications so that the app can notify you when you battery drops below a preset percentage, or if you only have a certain number of hours left before your battery runs out. Battery Grapher supports all complications available on the Apple Watch, giving you the flexibility to place your complication wherever you want. Complications can show hours before needing to charge, or battery percentage.