Get paid to talk with @WowAppOfficial if you get in

I have just come across a new app that allows users to chat to friends and family and earn money whilst doing so.

The app is called wow app and allows free calls between users who both have the app and offers an inapp purchase option if you want to call others who do not have the app.

What’s your dream? Welcome to the Power of Sharing WowApp empowers every user: Through the Power of Sharing we are committed to building a better world starting from simple choice: every user gets rewarded with the choice to spend their earnings on a cause or to cash out.

To use the app you have to be invited by a user so if you want to join. Now this app is new and has potential however when we signed up we couldn’t get past the phone verification section so have been unable to fully test it, we have logged a support ticket and will review it more if and when this problem get resolved.