Google and Waze both testing CarPlay for iOS 12

Google Maps app Beta is now testing CarPlay integration (a new feature available in iOS 12). Waze is also testing CarPlay. Apple announced new CarPlay integration for third party applications at WWDC18 and use a base layer that is rendered by the app, overlaid with standard CarPlay controls.

The app uses CarPlay standard toolbar controls to add destinations or access a settings screen. The settings screen is a full-screen pane that again features familiar grid layout of actions, like toggles to avoid highways and tolls. Add destination includes actions for recent searches, significant places like home and work, and POIs like gas stations.

On Twitter, Waze has promised CarPlay rollout within a few weeks. the Waze Maps app icon takes the navigation slot on the sidebar, which until iOS 12 could only be occupied by the Apple Maps app. Alphabet is an umbrella company that owns both Google and Waze and continues to keep them as separate companies