Google still the best voice voice assistant

An update research provided by klick Applied Science has shown that Google's voice assistant is still the best in the market. The study was a replication and comparison of their previous research. Google Assistant achieved the highest comprehension accuracy for both brand medication names (86.0%) and generic medication names (84.3%) Apple Siri (brand names = 78.4%, generic names = 75.0%) The lowest accuracy by Amazon Alexa (brand names 64.2%, generic names = 66.7%). The findings represent the same trend of results as their previous research, however, it does reveal significant increases of 10–24% in performance for Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri over the past 2 years. The research indicates that the artificial intelligence software algorithms have improved to better recognize the speech characteristics of complex medication names, which has important implications for telemedicine and digital healthcare services.

During analysis, each voice recording was played back from a laptop using a Jabra Speak 410 speaker that was placed directly adjacent to the microphones of the IVA devices. Alexa was analyzed using a 4th-generation Amazon Echo smart speaker; Google Assistant was analyzed using a Google Pixel 4a smartphone; Siri was analyzed using an iPhone 7 smartphone.

All hardware devices were updated with their latest software available, and device language was set for English (Canada). Analysis took place from December 2020 to February 2021, exactly 2 years after our previous study.