Google Camera update brings Pixel 5 design to older devices

Correlating with the launch of Pixel 5, the Google Camera app was also updated to version 8.0, bringing a clean redesign to the app. Google Camera 8.1 has now started to roll out, bringing the very same style to older Pixel phones.

For the past month, Pixel 5 owners have had virtually exclusive access to the new update of the Google Camera app, as version 8.0 of the app had only been rolled out to Pixel 5. The redesign restructures Google Camera’s many features from the bottom bar and adds features such as audio zoom and fast, one-tap zoom settings.

Unlike every version before that, most of the Google Camera 8.0 updates on older Pixels could not be used to get the new features. At the end of the day a secure method of sideloading was found, but it required you to reset your phone at the factory, an inconvenient measure many were not willing to take.

This afternoon, Google Camera 8.1 started to roll out via the Google Play Store, and as reported by @KaKito 24 on Twitter, the Pixel 4 XL owner update appears. According to 9to5google the camera 8.1 build is labelled compatible with all Pixel phones, dating back to Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL.

With the update enabled, devices such as Pixel 4 now have access to some of the latest video stabilisation functionality, including the Cinematic Pan.

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