Google confirms it’s Event for October 9th

Rumours have been flying around Google’s event and we have seen numerous leaks of the new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3XL. Some leaks have been renders other are YouTube videos claiming to be the new pixel being sold early for as much as £2,000, we also had one leak claim to be of the new pixel left in a taxi cab.

Google has confirmed its event and the only teaser of upcoming products is a 3 in a heart shape. The event invite was a GIF that animates “I <3 NY” with metallic colored silver and gold/copper dots, with the Google ‘G’ following. Google will be hosting its next major product launch in New York City instead of SAN Francisco.

Google confirmed that it is not launching a Pixel Watch this year, Apart from the Pixel 3 other rumours are of a new Google-made Assistant Smart Display, a new Google Pixelbook 2. Second-generation Pixel Buds are also likely, while the FCC has detailed a new Chromecast.