Google event wrap up

A few hours ago Google held their conference and even though we had seen a million leaks of the pixel 3 phone it was nice to finally see it announced and as an iPhone fan I have to say I am impressed. The back of the phone looks a lot like last years model and the front now has a notch however the camera looks amazing.

Google showed shots in low light conditions and compared them to the iPhone Xs and if they hold true they blow them out of the water. Google also showed the ability to choose the best shot from the automatic burst mode similar to what iPhone users can do if they hold down the shutter button.

The pixel 3 comes in three colours Not Pink, Clearly White and Just Black. Prices start at £739 ($799). We’ve ordered a pixel to review when it finally comes.

Google also announced the Google Pixel Stand for wirelessly charging the Pixel 3, new third-generation Chromecast, Google Homehub, Google pixel slate and a new pair of wired Google Pixel Buds.