Google Assistant is planning to demonstrate wellness, wellbeing data with 'proactive' findings on sm

In a discreet update to Google Assistant, a new "wellness" section has been introduced to activate the Assistant's ability to show your health and fitness data on smart displays and more.

Rolling out now to consumers, the "Wellness" section of the Google Assistant Settings section replaces the "Sleep" section that was introduced in November 2020. This new segment incorporates sleep settings, including Fitbit integration. Sleep is currently the only option available in this segment.

The "Wellness" segment of Google Assistant will be able to do even more in time, as the tab includes the management of "sleep, exercise, and nutrition" data obtained from workout equipment.

Most notably, this data would be seen "proactively" on compatible smartphones, such as Google Assistant Smart Displays. Right now, we can see the new Nest Hub, Nest Hub Max, and Lenovo Smart Clock as options for proactively viewing this info, but once activated, we didn't see the results actually show on the screen.

Google explains the following:

“Allow your Assistant to proactively show your information on your display devices from your connected health and fitness devices and services, like your exercise, nutrition, sleep, or wellness data.”