Google introduces new plans with rebranding

Google is rebranding it’s Google Drive to Google One, along with the name change Google is also introducing new pricing tiers to be more competitive.

Google One plans will still start at the same place as Google Drive plans — $1.99 per month for 100GB of additional storage but From there things change.

Google is introducing a new $2.99-per-month tier, which includes 200GB of storage, and it’s upgrading the $9.99-per-month tier to include 2TB of storage instead of 1TB. Plans larger than 2TB remain the same.

In comparison to other companies Google is very competitive, Microsoft offers half as much storage as Google at $1.99 per month; Dropbox doesn’t offer anything between free and $9.99; and while iCloud has an appealing $0.99-per-month plan with 50GB of storage, you have to jump straight to a $2.99 / 200GB plan if you want anything more than that.

Google says it’s already moved Drive subscribers on personal accounts over to Google One plans. As of today, anyone in the US can sign up with the new pricing.