Google Maps for Apple Watch review

A few days ago we covered how Google Maps was available for the Apple Watch, since then we have used it on our journeys and wanted to give it our view.

Launching the Maps app on the Apple Watch is fast as you would expect and you are presented with your shortcuts pre-set in the Google Maps app, you are able to set your travel mode directly on the watch between Walking, Driving, Public Transport and Cycling.

Unfortunately the app is not available as a standalone app as it requires journeys to be set on the iPhone app. Once you set your trip on the iPhone you will be prompted via haptic feedback of your turns along the journey.

We hope that Google will update the app to be standalone as time goes on that especially as Apple Watch’s offer cellular on the Apple Maps. Whilst the fact that it is reliant on the iPhone right now it is still a very good start especially as Apple Maps still has a long way to go in the UK and many other countries. If you like to use Google Maps then we highly recommend you install this on your watch, however, if your already using Apple Maps then we would not recommend the switch.