Google notes it is in fact working on the integration of Nest Audio and Chromecast

Unused ads earlier this month pointed to Google’s new smart speaker being a “home theatre sound machine” with its streaming dongle for Google TV. Google has now announced it is working on the integration of Nest Audio and Chromecast. This discovery comes from a study of the HomePod Mini, Nest Audio, and the new Amazon Echo by the Wall Street Journal. For a home theatre system, the non-Nest deals can be paired with the Apple TV and Fire TV, respectively.

Google stated to the WSJ that it is “working on the integration of Nest Audio-Chromecast.” Today, there are no other specifics, but the Assistant speaker will probably support setting as the default output for your TV. It’s not clear whether more than a stereo Nest Audio pairing can be used, or whether any other Google speakers are going to fit.

Another unknown is whether there will be support for the Chromecast Ultra and older generation Chromecasts. This month’s marketing copy shows that the Google TV-powered streamer is debuting first. It would be notable, meanwhile to open up to other Chromecast-enabled Android TVs.

The last uncertainty is when the integration will arrive with Nest Audio and Chromecast. The functionality was likely supposed to be revealed at Launch Night In if marketing was completed by September 30th, but pulled at the last second.

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