Google Photos now let’s you take faces on iOS

A few years back Google introduced a feature that allowed you to tag the faces in your photos, however, the feature hasn’t been available for several countries on iOS.

Apple introduced the same feature on their photo album a few years later and has really improved it in iOS 12 and iOS 13. This feature is useful for grouping peoples faces so if you want to search for photos of someone in particular then you can do this.

We recently confirmed that Google was bringing this feature to iOS soon and the toggle appeared in the last update for users to opt into this feature.

Once opted in Google scans your photos in the Google Photos app and gives you a group of faces to tag.

We tried this feature and noticed a few things, firstly the fact that this is an opt in feature is good because many people just do not want Google to have this ability on their account.

Secondly whilst the faces it pulls are good I noticed several times the same person appeared and had to be grouped together something I hardly came across with Apple. I’m sure that as I update the tags Google’s algorithm will improve and show me less of these duplicates.

I for one am not too concerned on the whole Google spying because I have used their products and services for years and the cost for the connivence is worth it for me but I know not everyone will feel like this.

Let us know in the comments if this is a feature you will be opting into or will you sit this one out.