Google’s Assistant gets and update

This week was Google Developer Days which took place in Europe this week. Google is slowly uploading videos from the events which highlight a lot of new features coming to the Google Assistant.

One of the biggest additions to the Google Assistant is a new translator mode. A user activates the translator mode by saying “Ok, Google, be my [Insert Language] translator”, the Assistant will then repeat everything you say in the language that you asked for. Anything you say to it will then be repeated audibly and visually until you tell the Assistant to stop.

Google also showcased improvements to the Assistant being able to better understand the context of questions that it’s asked. A demo was also given of Behshad on stage trying to remember the name of a movie. Here, Behshad asks the Assistant “What is the name of the movie where Tom Cruise acts in it and he plays pool and while he plays pool he dances.” After thinking for a couple of seconds, Google Assistant pulls up a result for The Color of Money and then reads off information about it.

There were many more features but these are some of our favourite, Google will undoubtedly continue to unveil more over the coming days as they upload more videos of the event.