Google unveils Nest Hub Max

Google has been improving their Home hub range with the Google Home hub that was a perfect 6-inch display without a camera that was perfect for the bedside to act as a photo frame when not in use and a full smart display when needed.

Google has stepped up its game with a Hub on. Steroids fro it’s Nest range, this time with a 10-inch HD display that makes watching YouTube and the like much easier.

To tie in the Nest features Google has added a built into Nest camera that with it’s wide angle camera and built in microphone is perfect for Home security and calls via Google Duo.

Google yes voice match in its products to recognise which user is giving it commands, and this time they have added Face Match to recognise users.

“So in the morning, when you walk into the kitchen, the Assistant knows to greet you with your calendar, commuting details, the weather, and other information you need to start your day. And when you get home from work, Hub Max welcomes you home with reminders and messages that have been waiting for you. The Assistant offers personalized recommendations for music and TV shows, and you can even see who left you a video message.

Google points out that all this is on device with camera data never leaving the device. The Nest Hub Max is priced at $229, £219 Aus$349 and scheduled for release in the UK, USA and Australia later this summer.

Google is also rebranding the Google Home hub to Nest Hub and is available at $129.