Hands on with Alexa

For Christmas I got an Amazon Echo which I wanted in my quest for a smart home, I had researched all my options and unfortunately living in the uk has meant my options are limited.

Currently Google Hub isn’t available here and the Echo has been around long enough to have been integrated with several smart things. I ordered the echo on cyber Monday to ensure I had a discount however it retails at £149. 

The item arrived in a nice packaged box pictured above and has some phrases on the box to try out. once the top sleeve is removed there is a black box which gives it a luxury feel, once opened you have the actual echo and power adapter and a small booklet with some how to’s.

To set the echo up you need to install the Alexa app and then sign in with your amazon account, you then follow about five steps and your all setup. Testing the echo has been brief so far but it’s been fairly successful, I’ve managed to integrate my google calendar onto it with ease.

I am able to control the Alexa from another room if I speak loud enough, and the quality of music through the speaker is excellent, the echo itself responds with ease to my wife, by eldest child and myself but doesn’t seem to recognise my youngest child. Over the coming days I plan to test the Echo with integrating some other accessories and will review it and I will also be comparing it to Siri. Currently I give the Echo an 8/10 bearing in mind its only been just over a day.