Hands on with AppDB Pro

With Apple constantly targeting signing services we wanted to try more services so users have the best options available, we contacted AppDB and they kindly gave us access to their Pro version to test.

Installing the App on the device is smooth and quick as you would expect, one thing I noticed is instead of being a native app once you open the app you are auto directed to their website which isn’t a big dal but worth noting.

The library of apps available is impressive and rivals some other signing services and at just $10 its one of the cheapest available, after using the service for a few days I haven’t seen any problems with the service and signing and downloading apps is rather speedy.

I asked AppDB about any policies they had against revokes by Apple and I was informed that currently there are no policies in place as they haven’t really seen any problems, however this shouldn’t put you off to much as Paypal covers you for 180 days, however hopefully if there was any problems then AppDB would replace your certificate.

One thing I really like is that you can browse their library of apps before purchasing and also if your on the lookout for something new I find it easier to browse on my computer than on my iPhone. Overall I find little to complain about and considering the price increases of other signing services I find this very reasonable. I can recommend this services if you are looking to install tweaked apps as they have a very good range.

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