Hands on with @iPwnStore new codesign server

iPwnStore has officially launched its Code siging server and we have been privileged to test the beta version so we have been able to test several apps and I must say that it is an extremely useful service.

Using the Code signing server is easy and straight forward, once purchased and downloaded onto your iDevice you automatically have a list off apps ready to install, if you find that you want different apps then its just as easy to install them as well.

List of Apps ready to install to your device as standard

List of Apps ready to install to your device as standard

It is important to note that the servers are cleared every 24 hours so any added ipa’s are removed which will help keep the servers clear and running smoothly (this will not affect apps you have installed), so don’t upload them and then expect them to be there several days later.

To install custom Ipa’s you first have to find them and download them to your pc a quick Google search will sort that for you, we used “free apple ipa” for our search and we were presented with lots of options. For this guide we used Angry Birds Transformers edition.

Sign in to the desktop version of the code sign service via their link here.

Register or login if you have already registered

You are then presented with a screen to use.

The certificate section shows what your account name is and the storage shows how much you have used and how much storage you have left.

iPwnStore codesign guide 1

iPwnStore codesign guide 2

iPwnStore codesign guide 4

iPwnStore guide 6

iPwnStore codesign guide 5
iPwnStore codesign guide 7

App Signed and installed

Angry Birds Transformers edition running

Angry Birds Transformers edition running

We think that the whole process is extremely easy and very useful and well worth the money.