Hands on with the Amazon Echo Dot vs the Amazon Echo

A few days ago I wrote about my hands on experience with the Amazon Echo, so I ordered an Amazon Echo Dot, it arrived late afternoon yesterday, The dot was easy to set up as I had already done most of the work when I set the Amazon Echo up, the whole process took less than five minutes.

The sound quality on the dot is not as good as the actual echo however, in a small room like I have it currently proves nice and playing music is good enough, The dot responds to all the commands I have thrown at it like the Echo and it works great at controlling my Phillips Hue lights.

The dot is sufficiently loud enough and I can thrown commands at it from my landing. The dot will mainly be used to control my lights and play some music so spending £50 on it instead of £150 for the Echo is great.

I was expecting to hit some road blocks, however, I’ve only had a few teething problems which with some investigation I have fixed easily. I love the fact that there are several tools available on IFTTT which you can adjust to meet your needs. One downside to both the Amazon Echo and Dot is that you either have to use Amazon music or Spotify premium.

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