HeartWatch app

HeartWatch app is an app that Apple should have made for the Apple Watch, this app not only tracks your heart rate but gives you insight into how your heart is beating but is done across four simple views. Waking, Regular, Workout & Sleeping.

Each view is isolated because, while you may want a higher heart rate during a workout, if your heart is racing when you aren’t doing any exercise then this is likely not a good thing and probably something you might want to show your medical practitioner.  Heartwatch also displays all your information on a graph, you are able to start a workout directly from the app.

Heartwatch has been created by the same developer as Autosleep and the two apps work fantastic together so you can get a fully fledged view of your heath both day and night and you can look at your information in a calendar to view your information on a weekly or monthly basis. The app even gives you a character call Timogotchi which you have to work everyday to keep in shape which makes exercising more fun. You can purchase Heartwatch app for just £2.99 directly from here.