Help @BlueLeafHosting charity

BlueLeafHosting has done some fantastic giveaways since December and has acquired businesses and used its fantastic service to offer low prices for users, the company has now dedicated to raising money for charity.


After a survey on twitter they have decided to raise money for Cancer research UK and will be fundraising for whole month of February, the company has also decided to donate one months net income to the charity.

We are asking that all our followers join in by any of the following methods.

  1. Paypal- (use #payitforward in the notes so we know whats its for)

  2. Order a hosting service- Use #payitforward promo code when ordering

  3. Support Ticket- If you have any questions about this fundraiser please open a support ticket under the department “Charity”

More information can be found here Thanks for your donations Let’s make a difference!!

Sponsored by Livebox "Free you're TV"

Sponsored by Livebox “Free you’re TV”