Here is how you delete your activities on Google

Recently we have seen several News agencies have reported on how the big tech giants have access to your personal activity when using their products such as voice recordings and maps information.

Personally we believe that if you use any smart technology then you should expect the company has access to it so that they can continue to improve the service. One thing that has come up is not many people know how to delete their data and so we walk you through the process.

In this episode we look at Google:

  1. Go to your Google activity page.

  2. Scroll down to “Voice & Audio Activity.”

  3. Click or tap “Manage Activity.”

  4. From here, you can search through the history using the search bar; delete based on keywords, date, and/or product-type; or delete each entry individually.

  5. You can disable voice interaction tracking by going back to the main Google activity page, than clicking or tapping the blue slider next to “Voice & Audio activity” to disable it.

We hope you find this guide useful, make sure you check back regularly for more guides and technology news.