Here is what we expect from WWDC20

As WWDC20 approaches fast we take a look at what we can expect to see based on rumours and leaks. WWDC is going to unveil iOS 14, watchOS 7 and a new macOS. The leaks and rumours come after it was discovered that a very early iOS 14 beta build had made it’s rounds with developers and jail breakers.

iOS 14

Rename it of iOS

New leaks suggest that Apple could go back to calling iOS iPhoneOS which is what the originally called it and actually makes sense after splitting iOS into iPadOS last year.

New Fitness App

This app is expected to let you download guides to exercise routines across multiple Apple operating systems like watchOS and tvOS in addition to iOS and iPadOS.


Apple is expected to announce a new CarKey API so that vehicle manufacturers can intergrate this feature and allow you to use your phone as a car key.

New multitasking interface

We are rumoured to see a new multitasking grid switch feature, instead of the current swipe through cards we are looking at a multi card display something like the jailbreak scene Has had for sometime.

Use apps without downloading them

Since Google introduced slices on Android this lets users use certain app features without having to download the whole app and Apple is rumoured to add this.

Set default apps

We are expecting Apple to let you choose your own default apps so that a browser of your preference might launch when you click on a link. You would also be able to set a default email client or even a default music app etc.


A new widgets option for users home screen would mean a massive home screen redesign since Apple first introduced the iPhone.

New list view for apps

9to5Mac are suggesting we will have a New list view for apps that you can access on your home screen similar to the layout option on the Apple Watch.

WatchOS 7

Personalised faces from your photos

Users are expected to have the ability to use their own Photos to design your very own watch face with watchOS 7.

Battery life management

We are expecting improved low-power mode that let you go longer without a charge by turning off some features with loosing all functionality.

Mental health and panic attack detection tools

This rumour comes from leaker Max Weinbach and YouTube channel EverythingApplePro, Apple is working on making its wearables better at spotting the early signs of stress or panic using built-in sensors.

Parental Mode

A new Parental mode which allows an iPhone to monitor both an adult user’s iPhone as well as their kid’s Apple Watch. It would also include parental controls for contacting others and allow parents to track their children and set an alert if they break a set routine such as not arriving at school by a set time.

Sleep tracking and blood oxygen monitoring

watchOS 7 is expected to offer metrics concerning the quality of your snooze. This might include setting goals for how much you want to sleep, and provide recommendations for getting a better night’s rest.

Device support

  1. Whilst many rumours suggest that all devices that support iOS 13 will get iOS 14 another credible rumour also suggests that the iPhone 6s and original SE will loose Support, the Device List would be as follows:

  2. iPhone SE 2020

  3. iPhone 11 Pro

  4. iPhone 11 Pro Max

  5. iPhone 11

  6. iPhone XS

  7. iPhone XS Max

  8. iPhone XR

  9. iPhone X

  10. iPhone 8

  11. iPhone 8 Plus

  12. iPhone 7

  13. iPhone 7 Plus

  14. iPod touch (7th generation)

  15. iPad Pro 12.9-inch

  16. iPad Pro 11-inch

  17. iPad Pro 10.5-inch

  18. iPad Pro 9.7-inch

  19. iPad (7th generation)

  20. iPad (6th generation)

  21. iPad (5th generation)

  22. iPad mini (5th generation)

  23. iPad Air (3rd generation)

We will be watching WWDC20 and as always will be releasing a roundup of everything Apple mentions. You can watch the event as it happens on Monday 22nd June at 6pm UK time.