Here’s what’s new in iOS 10.2 beta 1

Today Apple released iOS 10.2 beta 1 to developers a few hours after releasing iOS 10.1.1 to the public.

We took a quick look at what’s new and here’s a list of what we have found so far:

New Wallpapers: Everyone wanted new wallpapers for iOS 10.1 but none appeared and so Apple has added a few more in iOS 10.2 beta 1.

Camera Settings: This is ny personal favourite so far, this feature allows users to save the last setting they selected in the camera app.

Video Widget: Apple loves widgets in iOS 10 and With 10.2 they’ve added a new one just for Videos app. Just like the music controls the video widget is accessible by swiping right from the lock screen or the Home screen, it will show available TV shows and/or movies in the user’s library and then by selecting one of the content will rake you straight to the video.

Emoji’s: users love emoji’s and Apple hasn’t disappointed by adding even more emoji’s Unicode 9. Some new options, including pilot, bacon, croissant, pancake, fox face, owl, selfie, and many more.

It’s important to note that Apple doesn’t always include everything in the final release but so far things are looking good.

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